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December Fannish Frolics

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Name:December Fannish Frolics
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Community description:December fannish frolics in Stargate: Atlantis/SGA, Hawaii Five-0/H50, and other fandoms
In honor of Bluespirit, who is typically a wonderful whirling hub of fannish activity. She traditionally posts fannish content (a story, fanart, etc.) in December as a sort of Fannish Advent, but this year, due to health problems, she isn't able to. So let's make an effort to post them in her honor instead! She's currently active in Stargate: Atlantis (SGA) and Hawaii Five-0 (H50) fandoms, so that fannish content is most welcome. But, in the spirit of the season, ALL are welcome!

For the month of December: post links to your own journals or websites with fannish content for Blue. The more the merrier!

For LJ-peeps, here is the same community in LJ-land
If you're posting, please post to both communities so that everyone can enjoy your contribution.
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